Afternic I just dont understand it ?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009
Every month or week I see Namemedia the Parent company of on dnjournal with highend sales of crappy domain names .I wonder how could a company like this procure so many sales on a crappy platform like what it it has. Also I have noticed that the domains that Afternic sales are in the x,xxx range meaning in thousand range are the poorest quality names compared to all the other top selling domaining related businesses.I am guessing most of the sales that occur on afternic ( since they have a network of sitesand ads, and also advertise at other registrars)are from people who has just want to start an online business and looking for a name that sounds good to them. Personally as a domainer this is my last stop to Auction Houses since everytime I go there I just sick just looking at the web design ( I know web design isn't everything) But Afternic is neither halfway decent .I am trying their platform and see how it would work for me . Even though I might hate the sites' decor and domain submission platform I see sales on Dnjournal and other domaining creditial media outlets . So something must be working and I should be able to get a sale Since i believe in the thing if somebody else can do it , I should be able to do the same thing since i am human just like the other Domainers out there


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