I have just Acquired BroadbandRouter.com and future plans!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I have just acquired BroadbandRouter.com. I dont know whatI am going to do with this name yet. I am thinking should I target an enduser or just sell it to a domainer with an passion to develop genric domains into full developed sites. I like seeing names of this caliber getting develop, it kind of gives you a since of pride knowing that you once own the name and it is being used to benefit others. I also like the search volume of this domain is above 8k and for a two word domain this hard to find on the market at reasonable prices. You usually have to do your due diligence looking for bargains to find words of this caliber on the market at the price I paid for this domain. Even though this may not be a one worder .com but this domain is generic in nature and in its sound/objective. Meaning it should get type-in traffic and be a perfect domain to sale products on like amazon or running bans script. I always wanted to run bans but I have been rejected multiple times by the ebay affiliate program. Also if I sale this domain I already know what domain I am going to buy next but the price of me selling has to be equal or less than the next domain I will purchase.


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