LLL.com A solid Investment?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hey Basically I am debating should I make an investment into Lll.com. They are one of the most liquid investment in the domaining sphere.The median price of lll.com are between 3500 -5,000.
The only problems I have with lll.com is the lack abilty of ranking for specific keyword. Mainly the keyword value in seos are worthless and mainly good to establish a brand,and lll.com's usually have a significant amount of traffic because of their brevity. Lll.com are the type of domains you hold or flip really fast. I really like the fast flipping factor of the lll.com. You can purchase one for 3500 and sale for 5k and make an instant 1.5k. They are domains that can always can comand a 4 figure sale. Other domain prices can go over the wall since , fact a domain is only worth the buyer is willing to pay which could be $1 or 1million dollars. Basically I Believe lll.com are better than having money in the bank if you buy them cheap enough. The perfect price point for lll.com for me is 3500-4000that if it is not premium or has an significant amount of traffic. I will probably have get some in my Portfolio later but I rather focus on possible development or 10x sales since you cannot gauge keyword domains .I like the high risk factor of keyword domains.


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